Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Its been one week!

Hi friends!
So, I went to a GI doc for all my tummy-type problems and he had me get some scopes of my innards done. This revealed  - - - - NOTHING! Except that my stomach was inflammed? Story of my life, apparently. Anyways, so the next step to figuring out what is wrong with Sabrina is for me to do an elimination diet.

Now, friends, while my last name MAY be Allen, it is REALLY Blackner. And us Blackner's don't do things half-assed. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right. And while most NORMAL human beings would cut out one food at a time from their diet and see how they feel, I thought hey - lets do something WAY faster and easier harder and just cut out ALL the foods for a while, then slowly add them back IN! Well, okay, I didn't think of it, Google did. But I asked my doc and he said if I wanted to do it that way, it was a-OK with him, so here we are.

I am one week in. Here is the list of foods I can eat.
Non-farmed (ie EXPENSIVE) fish or shrimp.
Non-Starchy veggies (no corn, no potatoes, no peas)
Some fruit (no apples, no citrus)
Nuts (but not peanuts)

Yepp. No sugar. No flour. No processed foods. No condiments. No going out to eat. I am dying over here.

Saturday I was having a really hard time so we went to the store and I got some plantain chips - which are like potato chips but made with plantains. Which means they are probably technically on my diet, RIGHT? Which is probably cheating but SHUTUP. I can't eat normal food so WHATEVER. I have been enjoying FAR too much avacado to be healthy, but WHATEVER. I am just trying to not kill myself. I have been only eating protein once or twice a day (because I can only eat expensive protein other than nuts, and the day I had nuts I felt poorly that evening, plus fish? for breakfast? blech.) and its slowly killing me. I get kindof grumpy at work. Ooooops. I am def adding in eggs first, because man, I need some for breakfast!

The good news is that I have lost "several" pounds in the last week. I'm not sure how much - Kels and David are both weighing me (on different scales. .  haha) but not telling me how much I weigh or how much I've lost (per my request) so its kindof fun. On March 1 I'm going to look at how much I actually weigh - but I don't really want to see how much I weighed at the start until maybe April or May.

I have to eat only these foods for 1-3 months (depending on how I'm feeling) then I add in one food at a time for 3-5 days, eating that food 2-3 times a day, and see how I react.

It is so interesting to be doing a diet to not lose weight. I mean, as an American woman, I have done my fair share of diets, and they have ALL been for weight loss. It is actually making it easier to not cheat - because if I DO cheat, I ruin everything and will have to start all over. Plus, if I DO cheat and NOT want to start all over, I'd have to just eat ONE type of food, which wouldn't work for me. My drug is cheeseburgers and cheeseburgers have way too many components. I will have to work my way up slowly to cheeseburgers. First, meat. Then mayo. Then cheese. Then bread. etc etc etc.

Also, in the spirit of oversharing, my poop has been really interesting. Little to no red meat and a TON of veggies means that your poop turns funny colors and doesn't really look like normal poop anymore. Or maybe I'm just a freak? Most likely the last one.

The End.

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Brittan said...

whoa awesome! i'm doing a raw fast thing. all raw for 21 days sooooo i feel your pain. i hope this helps your tummy probs!