Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I have been in a post-Potter downer. I am doing 2 cakes and an order of cupcakes . . . all for Friday. Today is Weds and I just started them all. Crap.

I am really tired lately, which probs isn't helped by the fact that I am up at midnight, but it does have a lot to do with the fact that there is a cake I just put in the fridge to finish chilling so that I can do the final frosting so tomorrow I just have to fondant the crap out of it. The second cake needs frosting to be made in order for me to get it ready for fondant, but that will have to wait for tomorrow since my beloved is trying to sleep since he worked a 12 hour shift today. And the cupcakes need frosting and some little fondant decorations, but that is tomorrow as well.

I had an appt yesterday and I am really frustrated with my GI Doc. Well, mostly his PA who is an idiot and told me to take lactaid to help me digest eggs. . . WTF. You know how sometimes you just agree with someone because they are SUPPOSED to know the answer, but the more you think about it, the more wrong you realize they are? This was my entire appt yesterday. She told me to take lactaid for something that doesn't even have lactose in it, she told me I need an anti-spasmatic when I have normal bowel movements (TMI? Meh.) I am just generally frustrated and had a really bad day today and yesterday and the day before (which had less to do with the fact that I went to the doc, as that was before I went, and more to do with the fact that I felt HORRIBLE b/c I ate eggs. . . which apparently I don't play well with). Rawr.

I have decided that Feb was just not my month. Yes, David's party was EPIC (I swear I'll put up more pics), but it was a TON of work and I never slept or saw David and since his Party he has been crazy busy with work and school and I just miss him a lot.

I also miss Lau every day and I just feel like I miss out on so many things without her! Mostly her hilarity. And And I found out Kels is leaving in April and I will be back to my lonely Irving, and I am sad. I do have other friends here, but I just like those two a lot. And I don't feel guilty keeping them up late b/c they have no offspring to care for, like pretty much all our other friends.

I have decided March is going to be MY MONTH. I am going to start working out again, I am going to get back down to my wedding weight, I am going to be pretty awesomely epic and no one can stop me. I am doing a few cakes, I am going to keep my house cleaner and I am going to be good about all my goals. This is MY MONTH. Dangit. I am almost halfway to 25 and I need to LIVE IT UP.

Well, it is now March, so to start it off right, I am going to bed.

The End.

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