Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Um, where did March go?

Right thru my fingers, seriously.

March WAS a pretty good month, generally speaking. Did a couple of cakes, hung out with friends, got to see my Husband for an ENTIRE Saturday (this never happens) and got some much needed lazy time to just hang out on the couch with myself and Netflix.

The big news for March is Jobs!

I went to part-time at my Accounts Payable job and am now working from home 15-25 hours a week (depending on my schedule and how much work there is to be done). I also got a NEW job ... Nannying! Its a pretty sweet gig that I couldn't turn down and I'm sure I will have many stories since it is 3 girls, ages 8,9, and 11. They are fun. And a handful. And now I understand why all my friends with older kids says "WAIT" to have a kid. Babies are CAKE. Seriously.

David got a Summer Externship at Scottish Rite hospital in Dallas. This is a HUGE deal. It is paid, it is full-time, and it is pretty much the best experience for what he wants to do - Pediatrics! Scottish Rite is the best Pediatric Orthopedic hospital.... I think in the world, actually! And 300 or so people applied for 16 internship spots and David got one!  I am so proud of him for being so awesome! It does mean I am going to see little or no of him this Summer, but when he has a job when he graduates it will all be worth it!

In March I also wrecked my car. Into a pole. 600 bucks later, it has a shiny new bumper and all is good in the world. Except that it cost an entire week's paycheck plus my pride. When we fixed my car, we also fixed David's side mirror that has been held on with bright blue duct tape for over a year, so now both of us are significantly less ghetto. Yay!

We keep getting more and more bills from my stupid Colonoscopy. We are seriously broke for the next couple of months. Oh, and I got a flat tire last week and had to get all new tires for my little car-car. BROKE. Seriously. Ugh. It is our "joke" that the MINUTE we can see ourselves with some money in the bank, something horrible happens and we have to shell out all the cash we had to pay for whatever it is. WHY DO THE MONEY GODS HATE US?!?!

Anyways, April is going to be pretty good. Two pretty big cakes, a Mormon as the Republican Nominee, and more time to spend with my favorite boy.

The End.

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