Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My days, they are numbered

With my work from home job, that is.

My boss just said they are trying to take things "back in house." How long that will take, no one knows, but it has sure been good while its lasted! My credit card doesn't carry a balance anymore, our bed is all paid for, we have some money in savings and David starts his Internship in 10 days and we'll be a two income household for a few months which will allow us to save for some fun things a-coming up! Plus, boyfriend will be GRADUATED in December and then after he takes his NCLEX will have a real live grown-up job! Whaaat?!!

Plus, I've been asked to do some more organizing for some people and have been doing more cakes and a LOT more babysitting and David and I were just talking about how much longer I would keep doing it, as it seems to suck up my day, even when I only work a few hours a day! So maybe this is a good thing?

Plus, swim lessons with the Nanny agency I placed my job thru pay BANK in the Summer - like 30-40 bucks an hour! So I think I'll be able to make up the difference in what I'm making with my work from home job!

We feel super broke most of the time, but then we realize that we've had a lot of things to pay for!

Including: My surgery tomorrow! What? Yepp! Turns out that in addition to massive allergies (I scored a 29/30.... which is way above average) I also have a deviated septum! Which has caused chronic sinitus! In english, this means that I can't breathe out of one side of my nose very well, or really at all, and somehow this has caused me to have a massive sinus infection for the past who knows how long. It explains why I snore, why I always feel like I have a cold, and why I sleep better on my left side! Yay!

This blog post was all over the place.

The End.

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