Sunday, May 13, 2012

Its 2AM and I'm on drugs

So my surgery was last Weds.
Let me just say it has not been very pleasant.
Weds, after the surgery, I felt AWFUL. I thought, maybe, I was going to die. Seriously. I was swallowing a lot of blood so I was throwing up and felt really ill and whatever the heck they used for the anestesia was AWFUL and I seriously just felt really bad. And I hadn't eaten all day and yeah, it was no fun. My Mom & David forced me to eat some toast and drink some stuff, which made me feel a bit better, but also made me feel sick. When I woke up Thursday, I felt somewhat better, but generally still like crap - which has been how I've felt until now. I can function - I can be out in public and my nose is just a bit swollen and doesn't really hurt - but I just don't feel great. I get my splits out of my nose this Weds, and I can not WAIT. It feels like massive boogers you want to pick out, but you can't. Its horrible.
Anyways, can I just mention how glad I am to be married to David?
He sat in a waiting room for a billion hours on Weds (like, 5 actually) while I got this surgery. He helped me get dressed afterwards, he held my hair back when I barfed, he did everything I asked him to that night, no matter how ridiculous, and he let me be an utter brat all weekend. It gives me great hope that someday, when we have a baby, he'll be the best husband to an annoying pregnant lady of all time.

In other news: We are getting a new fridge! Stainless steel! Side by side! With an ice and water dispenser! for $60!! My dad is working for people who are putting in a new kitchen and they asked if he knew anyone who wanted a fridge! HELLLOOO! Yes, we do! And so we are getting it for the price of a new ice maker! This makes me super happy because we were going to buy a new one anyways, and now we can buy an over-the-range microwave and some flooring instead! Yay for the kitchen getting done sooner! WOOOHOOO! Maybe I can also talk David into a dishwasher - I want one SO badly, you guys!

Oh, we are also getting professional double ovens! Which means I can bake my cakes faster! They will replace the oven we have in the garage right now (there is some rule about duplex's and having ovens or something, so its in the garage, which is great since I bake all summer without heating up the house, and the garage is just steps from our kitchen!) and I am going to have to buy more pans! I'm just excited! YAAAY!

Okay, my tummy hurts and I am going to try to get some sleep. I miss Lau and Kels and I wish they would come back to Irving and stay up late with me.

The End.

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Heather said...

Hope you are feeling better today!!