Sunday, May 20, 2012

The one about how I'm an awful wife

So I am home alone right now, because David is doing setup at Gymboree all by his lonesome in Plano. I helped him yesterday in Dallas, but wasn't much help due to me not being able to lift heavy things or bend over as a result of las sugery, and I feel cruddy today, so I stayed home.

SOME of you might be saying: this doesn't make you bad wife! But I could have at least gone and kept him company. I could have made the 30 minute drive more enjoyable. I could have drawn a map of where the equipment goes so that the next time we do that same set up, it'll be that much faster. But no. I'm a bad wife and stayed home.

This is especially bad since this weekend, David came babysitting with me and was a total gem. He played with the kids while I made dinner, helped me stop freaking out when the fire alarm went off a 3 am and almost gave me a heart attack, and made the kids love him more than me. He says this is his master plan for our future children as well, but whatever. I'll be with them more and so they'll love ME more... right?

Anyways, I am going to try to be a less awful wife and a better wife ... once I feel totally better. Which will hopefully be in another week.

The End.

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