Saturday, May 26, 2012

I suppose I could put up my clean dishes

But where is the fun in that?

Nowhere, I tell you.

So, the past 3 days I have felt like kaka because I got a lymphatic drain because I have been SO congested and my sinuses have been so swollen since my surgery. Let me just say I felt AWFUL after ... which means I really needed it and will need to do it again. The massage therapist at my chiro thinks that my ear ringing is linked to that, so here's to hoping she is right. The side of my ear-ringing is a lot more "swollen" if that is the word - basically when you press into either sides of my neck/head, you can feel that one side is more cushy with fluid than the other, and that is lymph fluid which will hopefully go away after a few more session! I will feel awful all Summer if it means my stupid ear ringing will go away! 

Anyways, so the point of saying that is that the last 3 days I have felt awful I have spent in the couch, with netflix, watching BBC mini-series/Masterpiece Classics AND Disney Channel Original Movies. Guys, you have to be fair and balanced - if I only watched the BBC stuff, I couldn't ever watch anything else b/c it wouldn't compare! So I shook it up with a few well placed DCOM's and had a great weekend with myself - since David worked all day today and yesterday.

No, I will not see my Husband until the Fall, and I'm okay with that! Just think of how much we'll have to talk about once the Summer is over.

Also, are we the only ones that spend hours and hours talking during the week, at home and on the phone, and when we finally go out on a date night because "we never see each other" we just end up being quiet? No? Just us? Oh well. I just love him and am glad that I get to have him all to myself for a week in August! We are going on a cruise and I plan on debriefing about our Summers and tanning and eating ourselves sick! It's gonna be awesome!

Anyways, David is now home from work, so I am going to go hang out with him!

The End.


Heather said...

We do that, too! Often on dates we just sit quietly not really knowing what to say. It's kinda funny, huh? At least it's never awkward silence. It's just quiet.

Net said...

I like Heather's comment.
Also, sorry you feel kaka. Is it wrong that I'm giggling over that word?
Also, you should definitely have to put up your clean dishes! Woohaha!