Saturday, June 2, 2012


I just licked the bowl of batter of the cake I'm making for a wedding in 2 weeks (I'm freezing and flying it to Cali). Holy crap, that is going to be some amazing cake.

I stayed up 2 hours later than I had to the other night interneting around because David made me angry by telling me to come to bed so I didn't come to bed. Yes, I am 5.

I really hate flakey people. A lot. More than almost anything. Seriously.

In two weeks, in the span of 18 days, I will have done 8 cakes, an order of cupcakes and an order of sugar cookie-pops. Oh, and one of those 8 cakes will be 4 cakes for a wedding in Cali. Yeah, I'm insane.

I forgot my Dad sharpened my chef's knife and sliced open my finger while cutting up a watermelon tonight.

I just ate an entire tupperware of watermelon.

I get out of breath at climbing one flight of stairs.

My husband has gone on more man dates than wife-dates in the past month.

The end.

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Net said...

1- I totally want some cake right now. Right. Now.
2- Remind David that 5 yr olds can be spanked ;)
3- Flakey is a strange word. But yes, they do suck.
4- Yes, you are insane. That has been previously established.
5- Ew... I hope you didn't bleed on the watermelon!
6- Mmmm... watermelon and cake...
7- Have you noticed that everyone seems to live in 2nd/3rd story apartments? Wrong.
8- Would it make you feel better if I told you that I've been on more dates w/ Angela than with my husband in the last 5 or so years of our marriage?