Friday, June 8, 2012

Cake Cake Cake

My life has turned into cake. I love/hate it. Love it because each cake I do is better and better. Hate it because I have no time.

Last night I got an unexpected off night from work, which I spent doing things with David, like making his costume for camp with a friend, going to dinner, going to Target, dropping some other friends at the airport and going and getting stuff from the Nanny House since I thought I was going back and left stuff there I needed for this weekend. It felt so good just to spend time with him! We are going to go 10 days without seeing eachother after tonight (he goes to camp and the day before he gets back I go to Cali for the wedding) and I just miss him. Working totally opposite schedules has its perks (the house stays clean, we both have time to do whatever we want/watch whatever we want on Netflix) but it has major drawbacks. We fought a lot last week b/c I was stuper cake-stressed (which is the worst kind of stress, according to David) and last night was perfect. No fighting, just a lot of hand holding and laughing and talking. I love my Husband.

David is SUPER EXCITED for camp. It is Spina Bifida camp (which I actually just found out I have! Funny, huh?) and he is with the older boys (12-15, I think). They have to Cath them and help them with Bowel Training but other than that, they just get to hang out and play games and do activities. David was a camp counselor the Summer before we got engaged, and wanted to be a Rec Management major in college (which is a major in being a camp counselor, basically) before he wanted to be a Nurse, so this is like the best of both worlds! He made a Captain America shirt with the help of our friend Tracy last night and he is wearing it with blue shorts, converse, and a sweet frisbee shield. We are still looking for a mask, but its pretty sweet without it!

Work is going good. We made sugar cookies this week (I had to make a bunch to go with a cake this weekend, so I just made extra dough and frosting and they went to town) and while they made the hottest of all hot messes, they had fun. I am not a fan of the dad-rule of no bedtimes in the Summer, but am thinking of bribing them into going to bed sooner. Miss Sabrina is not cut out for 2AM nights every night.

Okay, cakes are calling my name from the fridge!

The End

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Brittan said...

you and your husband are the best.