Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Last Post

Before I go to California and try my luck at not decorating in my own kitchen.... and in another state... after the cake has been flown in the bottom of an airplane.....

I have been up late pretty much every night this week prepping and finishing baking and making stuff (Oh, and making two other cakes that people ordered for this week, nbd). I am tired, but have one more late night ahead of me before I can call it good.... seeing as I leave tomorrow! I have SO much to do tomorrow morning. This week just got insanely busy and I slept in (because I was up till 4 or 5 every night) and now I have no time! AHHHH!!! I have to pack my clothes/normal trip stuff, my cake supplies, pack the cakes, make two more fillings and a cake topper before 12:00 tomorrow! I have faith I can do it (once I get home... I am nannying sleeping kids right now) but I just am in a slight mode of panic.

In other news, I bought a plane ticket yesterday and another one today! The first one is for going and seeing Steph and her baby in the great city of Atlanta next month, and us road tripping it up to see our friend Stevi and her new baby a few hours away! I haven't seen either of them since we've moved here, so needless to say I am pretty stoked!

The second ticket is to St. George to go see my Grandma and make chocolates with her! I found a ticket for $180 ROUNDTRIP and that is just too good to be true, so I bought it and am going to learn all her secrets! This was actually David's idea and he is probably more excited than I am!

We are still planning on going cruising in August, if all works out. If Brooklyn gets hitched then, we are going to go to that instead, but it is all up in the air. Plus, David might actually have class that week, but we won't know till July. Yay for last minute stuff! I hate it SO much that I am having to do it a lot lately to make me better at it!

Okay, I am going to go gather all my things so I can get out the door as quickly as possible once my boss gets home! Wish me luck and cross your fingers that the cakes don't disentigrate into a million pieces while in the air!

The End.

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Heather said...

Thanks for making time in your hectic life to make Nathan's cake. HUGE HIT!! He loved it and it was very delicious!!