Sunday, September 23, 2012

Not So Young Anymore

So, the past few days have meant little/odd sleep for me. I did two pretty large-ish cakes, and one of them had to be ripped apart and started over when the fondant just looked AWFUL. Anyways, all this to say: I am a grumpy, mean person with no sleep. Feel bad for my Husband.

Also, lets talk about how David drove to North Dallas to buy me fondant (my normal, awesome, homemade fondant was NOT working) and also cleaned the kitchen twice while I was at work to make it easier for me to cake when I came home. Love that man.

My Mom helped in the kitchen cleaning. David says its penance for her not thinking I was serious about cakes at first, but I think its just b/c she is a super nice Mom. Also, that she is a little bit OCD and can't leave a mess behind a closed door. Hah. Love my Mom.

Okay, David once again invited 2 couples over for Sunday Dinner (love making new friends!) so I gotta go cook!

The End

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