Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Double Dating

What does it say about us that we are now going on Double Dates with my parents?

I dunno. But we went to lunch today and laughed and laughed.

David took his NCLEX this morning and had the minimum amount of questions (which basically means he passed) so we took my parents to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate!  Plus, I am working tomorrow so no Valentines activities shall be had then.

For Lent, I decided to give up all the stuff I should have given up a while ago. So for the next 40 days: No grains, No sugar, No dairy - just well-sourced meat and veggies and some fruit. Yummmmm. I am looking forward to feeling pretty good in about 40 days. Partyyy.

I love David. He is the best Valentine I could ever ask for and I hope that he thinks I'm okay too.

The End.

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Heather said...

Well, I'd go on double dates with my parents if we lived close enough. Of course, in the same house wouldn't work. Because Mom put me second to last on her list of kids she would live with. But she still loves me.