Monday, February 4, 2013

The Us Diaries: Part 2: The first date

So, right now, this picture is the background the my computer.
This is me and David on our first date. I love it for so many reason.

First off, check out the blissed out look on David's face as I kiss him on the cheek (as far as we would get for over a month). Second, check out that I am wearing a turtle neck. Who even does that? Third, please look at David's adorable necklace - he was trying to be so cool. Fourth, make note of how I am smooshed-up smoochin that boy. I must have liked him or something. (I did).

Our first date was on my 17th birthday - I also think this was the first time we had seen eachother since the first time we met. After I broke up with Ben, we talked on the phone - a LOT. I think I have emails somewhere from his best friend chastising me for keeping him up too late, and telling me I was affecting his schoolwork or something funny. The best part is, I still do this exact thing with him - keep him up late just talking about nothing and everything. We basically got really good at talking, and I think that because we got along so well on a conversational level, we knew we would be okay on whatever other level came. Anyways, back to my birthday.

So, I was turning 17, and David decided he wanted to take me on a date - or maybe I told him he was - which in all reality was probably what happened. His parents gave him money to take me out because he NEVER went on dates and they were super excited that he was FINALLY going on a date with a Mormon girl. My mom drove me to Arlington (which was SUPER romantic. thanks for not letting me drive for almost another year, parentals! ruined my life almost!) and David knocked on my car door and gave me a rose. It was presh. See the rose picture below. Ignore my eyebrows.

He also gave me a card, I think. It is hanging out in a memory box somewhere. I'll have to pull it out someday and add it to this post. . . . but lets be honest, that will never happen.

Anyways, we went to Cheddar's (which we still go to every year on my Birthday, if there is one close by our day's activities) and ate and laughed and it was awesome. I remember that I was just so glad that we talked so well in person as we did on the phone. And it wasn't awkward, other than the fact that we knew we liked eachother but hadn't said as much outloud. 

After Cheddar's. we went over to one of his friends houses and watched probably watched some Mormon movie - maybe Son's of Provo? Singles Ward? Or maybe it was Elf?  Neither of us can remember. But we watched the movie and then David drove me home. And then we took a bunch of AWFUL pictures in the car (re: closeups of our teen-pimply-faces that will never see the light of day). There were a couple I could include here due the them being blurry, from further away, or from a good angle. Below is one of them.

This is exactly how we look now when we snuggle.

Anyways, basically, that night was awesome and thus began our 4 month long high school relationship. 

To Be Continued. . . 

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