Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oy Vey

So, here I sit, cakes in the oven. I have to leave for work in 2 hours. I need to put away the dishes, make something for David's dinner, and take a shower. I should be eating something healthy for lunch, but saw Hersey's Hugs at the grocery store, and I'll be damned if I didn't get them. . . because they are my favorite and I am not giving up sugar for another month!

I am tirrred lately. Mostly tired of not seeing my dear, sweet husband. I need more of that man in my life. I cannot wait until next week, because I only work one day and the rest of them will be spent wife-ing. I miss wife-ing when I can't do it. When I have time to do it, I don't want to. But I do enjoy it.

What is wife-ing you ask? Well, generally it is cooking and cleaning. SEXIST, you may say. Nope, I will say back. Me and David have an agreement: Whoever makes more money isn't responsible for the stuff around the house. And now he makes more money, so it is finally my turn to do the stuff around the house. Even better than this is that I am better at it than he is. I cook better. I clean way faster (I can clean the kitchen in 20 minutes and it takes him 2 hours) and I don't let laundry sit in the dryer so it isn't wrinkly when I put it away. So basically, I have been waiting and waiting for him to make more money so that I can do these things better than him. :-)

Being an adult kindof sucks sometimes. We have decided that 2013 is our year of destroying all our debts. This means that no Europe for our 5 year anniversary, which has always been the goal. We are still going to Hawaii and possibly to St. Croix (depending if David can get time off), but those will be MUCH cheaper trips that Europe (less than 1/3 of what we would spend on Europe will be spent on both vacays) so we feel like it is an okay medium. Not a happy medium. An okay one. BUT next year, we are going to Europe as soon as we both finish our Bachelor's degrees! Party (not) in the USA!

Also, David has informed me that we will be, no questions asked, moving to either NYC or Chicago in the next 3 years. It might not be for school, but we are going! To move! There! Alright, bud. I'm down. Lets just see if you can get out of your comfort zone when you already have 2 awesome jobs and have to apply for a new one in a new city with no contacts at all. Which isn't to say I don't think its a bad idea - I think its a great idea! Best idea ever! But we'll see if it is for school or just to work. That's all I'm saying.

In other news, David just called and is on his way home from work. I better make the kitchen less of a cake disaster!

The End

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