Monday, November 4, 2013


You guys, another Halloween has come and gone and so has our 3rd Annual Allen After-Halloween Party & Potluck.

To view all the awesome costumes click here.

It really was a ton ton of fun. David said this was his most favorite one yet, and I would agree, except I KNOW next year will be better. I went today and booked the Garden & Arts building (which is where I had all my harp recitals in HS and where David & I had our Texas wedding reception) for November 1! Pretty stoked we got it! We just had almost too many people for our house this year and I don't love having my house a hot mess for almost a week. I am still working on cleaning up - I got all the tablecloths and lights packed away, and am about halfway though all the various decorations & putting our normal decor back up.  I have to finish tonight because tomorrow I go to Houston for 2 days for an organizing job and then I am subbing and then we go to St. Croix for 10 days!

Also, the food this year was amazing. I mean, every year it is great! But this year it was super great. I have such wonderful friends and they all just love me enough to make good food to make this party possible! I know in most worlds, a potluck is pretty tacky because the host is supposed to provide the food and blah blah blah, but #1 - feeding 40 people ain't cheap and #2 - there is no way I could/would make that amount of food, and certainly not that much variation! It is one of my favorite parts of the party and I'm stoked that everyone continues to come/always brings awesome food and not like... a bag of chips. I should probably try to get an actual photo of the spread next year because it really is impressive. I am really excited that next year we will have tables for everyone to sit at and enjoy their food, because really, its so much more than lap-food!

Guys, I love throwing this party every year! It is exhausting sometimes, but it always is such a fun night. It feels so good to have people tell you they make their costumes just for your party or that it is their most looked forward to event of the year. Now that we have all the actual decorations (except now I guess we have to find some tablecloths for all the tables next year!) it isn't expensive to throw the party, and we had it pretty much down to a decorating science here at the house. I am interested to see how long it takes us to set up next year - we booked 2 time slots as to have lots of set up time, but I am hoping we can do it quickly so if we are still around the next year, we can just book one time slot!

Today I also booked the G&A building for July 31 because we are seriously considering having a Harry Potter birthday party (as in a celebration of Harry's birthday, not as in a Birthday Party for one of us that is HP themed) - - - but the question would be to do adults only or full family and exactly what to do/how to do it. I might have to charge a cover charge if we do family because I would want to rent a bounce house. . . . . . we'll see. We get all our money back until like 2 days before, so I'm just glad we have the date. We'll worry about details/if/when later.

The End.

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