Thursday, October 10, 2013


How did the entire month of September go by and not a single post to be had in this blog? Seriously, I am the worst.

Anyways, September was a good but crazy month. I got offered, and then subsequently unoffered a long-term sub position at my old middle school teaching orchestra. We went to Seattle and had a blast reconnecting and having our first vacation alone since marriage! David started school again, I did more school, we both tried to eat healthy and failed. We found a puppy! Then we found her owners. Then we were given our one true love, the Headmaster, Albus! It was a month to go down in the books.

We are now well into October - one of my favorite months of the year! The weather is awesome, there is pumpkin everywhere on Pinterest, and Halloween is just around the corner! I have been making soup and pies and craving chili. I have already ingested far too much Apple Cider to admit to the public.

I am going to Provo on Tuesday to hang out with my Laura for a day before I head down to St. George for the rest of the week making chocolates with my Grandma and cousin Theresa. I am excited to go, but not excited to be away from David & Albus for a week. Next month David & I are going to St. Croix to visit friends and be beach bums for 10 days. We are pretty stoked for our very first beach vacay as a married couple!

Other than that, everyone should follow me on Instagram @sabrinablackner because it is basically a mini blog with pictures. I update daily (sometimes a couple of times a day) and yeah. Sorry this blog has become neglected as a result!

The End.

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