Monday, August 26, 2013

Oy With the Poodles Already!

Today is my first day of school! I have included a photo of what I look like today for your enjoyment.

Hot mess of hair and makeup from yesterday.

Oh how this differs from years past, when I would get ready and cute and the likes. This year, since all my classes are online, I am sitting in my underpants (I put on a shirt just for you guys) and not caring what I look like since no one is gonna see me! David is sleeping all day because he works tonight so there is certainly no reason for me to look good! Haha.

I am kindof in a stuck place because for both of my Northlake classes I have to have my books for my assignments, and they won't be here till today or tomorrow. I guess I will work on my two BYU classes today and knock as much as possible out of those. I suddenly feel very urgent about getting my degree done! I just wanna do it and move on! Who knows what I will do in the future, but I know I will likely need a degree to do it.

Also, yes, I am looking skinny. I have been doing my Whole 30 pretty much by the book (with some Dark Chocolate added in here and there) and have lost, as of this morning, 14 pounds since August 1. I am going to do a juice fast for 10 day at the start of next month, which seems extreme but after eating so clean this month, I just feel like I want to take it one step further and detox my body a little bit more. I have been adding juices in the past few weeks (either from Juice Bars in Dallas or from my juicer that I bought!) as a meal replacement and I feel great when I do it! Also, I have my biometric screening for getting on David's insurance on the 10th and would love to qualify for the cheapest plan, which means I need to lose like 5 more pounds or something. BMI is so dumb and completely off the mark for me and my insanely muscular body, and I know whatever I weigh after 10 days of juice fasting won't stick for a long time because much of it is water weight, but I feel like if I can suck it up for 10 days and save a bundle of money over the next year, I am gonna do it! Also, I REALLY want to be at my wedding weight before my birthday. Its a personal goal and I've had it for a while and I missed my anniversary deadline, so I HAVE to make it before my birthday. I have been working really hard and I will make it happen! I have a secret board of pinterest that is my goal body and turns out I don't want to be super skinny. I want to look like I have internal organs and such. I just don't want to have a santa-claus belly and I want to have a body that looks fit and strong, but still has the shape of a woman! Its a hard balance, but one I am hoping to achieve. I am trying to have a more positive body image and trying to enjoy my body now, which is helping but also seeing results from eating the correct way for my body and having more energy and less foggy thought it super helpful on my path to where I want to be.

Anyways, life is okay right now. I feel like I am in a holding pattern and waiting for some bigger and better things to happen, but we'll see how it goes.

The End.

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