Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Or as I like to call it... marriage

So, someone asked me the other day why Marriage Equality mattered to me - especially considering I am already married in a heteronormative relationship. 

Well, friends, it is because I AM married. I am SO happily married, when I think about not being able to be married I get angry and sad and scared all at the same time. When I think about not being able to spend every day with this husband of mine, planning our lives and working together to create our future I am gutted. When I let my mind wander to what my life would be like had I not gotten married, it doesn't ever end well. 

When I think about my friends who don't fit into the typical straight mold that I happen to, I think that they have every right to be as happy as I do. I think that they should be able to experience the kind of love and fidelity that I enjoy every single day. And I don't think that by them having meaningful, monogamous relationships that they will degrade the moral status of our society, nor do I think that they will bring the damnation of God upon us. I think that they will be happier, and as a result, they will bring more happiness into the world.

I am all for more happiness in the world.

Mostly, I am just glad that I am a little less privileged and a lot more equal to my friends.

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