Monday, November 17, 2008

The first

so it turns out i did not realize that i was allowed to post on this so of course when i found out that i was allowed to that i decided that i should post. I know that i don't have as great of grammar and coherency as Sabrina, but i shall try. Today has been a horrible day. I called in sick from work today and i tried to get caught up on my homework. So i spend about 4 hours getting caught up in psych stats for a quiz i thought we had today but is not until wednesday, and then i came home and read a billion pages of economics and then did a lesson of accounting and did my economics homework and i was supposed to do my D&C test but i never got around to it because i didn't want to commit like 3 hours to doing it, but i do have to do it by wednesday night at midnight so hopefully i will get that done. So it's Sabrina's birthday on thursday and i'm pretty excited it should be fun i just wish that i had the time off from work and school to plan something more fun than like nothing like what i have planned. So i hope that she forgives/still loves me...and hopefully my present will make up for everything because it's pretty awesome because it's basically exactly what she wants. and other than that this has been my life watch and love it...


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Cali said...

I have been watching the puppy cam too!! They're so adorable! Danny thinks it is going to start some crazy trend and I will end up doing a turtle cam. But, while Erasmus is totally awesome, I don't think the world will appreciate him as much as puppies.