Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And hece begins the endless suffering of winter.

So, I just finished covering the windows in the living room with window film. Why? Because our freaking gas bill was 135 freaking dollars for the month of December. Which looks like a cute little lamb (temperature and snow wise) this side of the new year. Most of this is probably due to the fact that the last tenants were here for the first half of the month and knew they didn't have to pay for their utilities, so they had the heat up to 75! ALL THE TIME! The lowest setting was 70. I'm not even kidding. The first few nights we were here, we would wake up and think we were dying it was so hot - its because the auto setting for night time was 75! You would think these people were from the equator or something, but they are from co and tx! Bah! When you live in a pre-war house that has single pane glass windows, and you have the heat up to 75 (I wish there was a way to capitalize numbers. Dangit)you are basically paying to heat the out of doors. I am thinking of going to target tonight to buy some insulated roman shades to put in the second bedroom, and some insulated white panels for ours. We cannot afford to pay that much for freaking gas! That is more than 1/4 of our rent! Bah!

Anyways, we keep it down to 65 when we are home (okay, 67 at night b/c my hubby is a huge whimp) and turn it off when we are gone. We have been wearing lots of sweatshirts, and pj pants and thick woolen socks. Our bill should be a whole heck of a lot cheaper next month. OR ELSE SOMEONE WILL DIE. (probably our checking account.) I'm hoping that after our real landlords get back from their mission, they will listen to reason and at least replace the windows in the south wall of the kitchen. The glass is cracked in both the upper panes, and I would be willing to chip in 100 clams to get them replaced with some nice, new, energy efficient ones. We would probably save that much in our heating bill over one winter! And we plan on being here for like, a million years (approx. grad date for david: 1,002,009) so it would be well worth it to me.

So, you are probably wondering where our house pictures are, eh?

Well, the house is going thru that rough stage of early househood in which it doesn't like to be photographed. It either won't look at the camera, doesn't smile, or has something disgusting on its face, so I thought I would wait for it to grow up a bit before subjecting you to its particular brand of charm.

We have a house guest coming tonight who is staying with us thru the weekend. So, the second bedroom is being cleaned and organized for her arrival tonight. All that is left is to shove a few things into some empty drawers to be organized and put in its right place at a later date (read: never) and to go pick up the airmatteress we are borrowing and make the bed for her to rest upon. I also have to make dinner at some point. We may use our "night not eating at home" tonight. Don't judge me.

Basically, the only thing left to do is organize all our clothes (meaning, throw out all the stuff that is 5 years old and doesn't fit anymore, which is like, half of our current collection) and organize the kitchen and our bathroom storage cabinet. I'm hoping to knock out everything else by Saturday night, seeing as I don't work Friday or Sat. We are prob going to have a housewarming party soon.Woo Hoo!

Okay, I need to go finish the second bedroom and pick up my hubby from class.

Peace out!

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Cali said...

Yikes that's a lot.
Our bill was like 50something for gas. We keep it on 70 while we here and turn it off when we are gone and at night. Some 'remote' corners of the house get cold. I can't sit on our couch at night without approx. a gazillion blankets on me.