Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Whats up?

So, in December I cut a foot off my hair. 12 entire inches of the stuff went to the cutting room floor as I decided to change some things in my life.
Saturday, my hair changed from its blonde state, to a very new and exciting dark auburn. I love it.

I am a new woman, and I think David likes that. Haha.

But seriously, this year I want to become better at many things, including but not limited to: budgeting our money, working out and learning to enjoy it, staying at least a year at the same job, (I've never worked at the same job for more than 8 months), get a second job and not overdo it with hours, baking bread (and prehaps getting a bread machine - it saves so much money in the long run!), and realizing my cake making dreams.

I think that this year is going to be great. David and I have been having good days lately, and this makes the world a happier place. Our house is slowly coming together, and my new goal is for it to be finished by (at the latest) the 23rd, with our party being next weekend (the 23rd or 24th. I will send out invites this week, so I can't have any excuses for not cleaning.

I sold two of our old school books. The rest are up on half. Common, school children. Buy away!

The end.


Havalah said...

I want to see pictures of your new haircut, you must put them on here. btw, good goals. Its been my goal to work out too and I totally hear you about enjoying it.

Rik said...

Yes, pictures please! Also, come to the gym with me. It would be great!

Net said...

um, yes, pics please