Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello 2009.

I'm sitting in my bed between Brooklyn and Lyndsi Shae. Lyndsi Shae is playing tetris. She isn't very good and we are all making fun of her. But we love her, even tho she isn't very good.

Brooklyn is making us all laugh by laughing at herself.

David is not home - he is going to the airport becuase it is his darn turn. I've gone twice without him in the past week.

Its snowing. Not sure how I feel about this.

Our house is slowly coming together. We've spent far too much money at Ikea the past two weeks, between kitchen islands and a new bookcase, but they are both solid, all wood pieces that should last for many years to come. Tomorrow it is my plan to finish all the organizing and try to clean up and make everything tidy. I miss having a clean house. Bah.

I'll post pictures hopefully in the next week. Becuase if I don't, that means that it is still messy. And I'm not sure that I can deal with being in a mess another dang week. Its been two weeks already BAHHHH. We are never moving again. I'm being serious. Never again. Well, until David finishes school at least. Bah.

Now, its girl time. The end.

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The Pollock Family said...

Yeah new home!! :) I miss you. We'll come visit soon!! Kami