Monday, May 25, 2009


- Trying to find a photographer in Utah who will do a photo session and give me a DVD for 200 or under (suggestions?)
- Sitting on the couch in my swimsuit waiting for my shirt to dry
- Deciding what color to do my toenails when I go get a pedicure in about an hour
- Enjoying the fact that I scrubbed the bathtub clean today (2 boys make for a messy tub!)
- Figuring out how much cash it would take to go to Disneyworld for a week
- Wishing David and I had non-conflicting schedules for seeing each-other
- Deciding what night to have Gyro's this week with the ground lamb I got on supersale
- Pricing tents online for our Colorado trip the last week in August
- Deciding at what point in my life I can justify dropping 2 grand on a camera
- Wishing I could buy a house so I could rip it apart and put it back together again
- The end.

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