Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm much better in the SummerTime

So, today I woke up at like, 9:30! No alarm! Go me!

I have decided blogging is better for me in the Summer. I have more time to reflect and be witty.

I am studying today for my Water Safety Instructor test, which I will be taking tonight. I better pass, or I can't teach swimming lesson! oh no! I had a dream last night about me teaching swimming lessons and it was a disaster. Hopefully, that isn't what happens in real life.

I did the laundry today. I also did some dishes. I cleaned the sink, b/c it was getting nasty, and I put a good scented ball down the disposal, so our kitchen smells nice and fresh.

A guy is coming today to measure our house for insulation! I'm stoked. Hopefully, we'll stay cool this summer. We've only turned on the AC for a few minutes here and there, but the celeing fans have been our saving grace. I love celing fans, and cannot understand why they aren't more common in Utah.

Our garden is growing growing growing. We have to water it a lot, but thats okay. We like it. We are going to have a million squash. We are going to get a small deep freeze for our produce needs, and I think I'm going to go to a pick-your-own fruit farm to get some fruit to freeze for the depth of winter. We will be prepared!

I am trying to be more zen these days. I'll let you know how it works out.

The end.

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