Friday, May 29, 2009

So, no photos

Because David changed his password to his computer, because he is a big fat jerk. Not really, but he did change it, and won't tell it to me. So Psha. No photos until he decides I am worthy of his computer password!

However, we did get insulation yesterday! w00t! I think our house is much cooler and nicer.

Also, the garden is growing quite spiffily! I bet we have lettuce to eat by the end of June!

I passed my WSI test, so I will be teaching swim lessons starting next week!

Wayne got a job, and is moving out on Monday! I am stoked to not be forced to wear pants around my own home! Haha. WE loved having Wayne here, but it'll be nice to be on our own again.

Today is my day off! I am just gonna chill, water the garden, do some laundry, and run some errands... except David took the car, so I'll be on the scooter.

In other news, the mosquitos have come to Utah. I got 3 bites on my left leg, and one on my arm, that has swollen to the size of a large strawberry ... not even kidding. Its sick.

My tan is getting better and better... I'm stoked to post and end of summer photo of the hottness that is me! Bahah.

We found a photographer to take our anniversary photos. I'm stoked!

I'm rambling today, so the end

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