Thursday, June 4, 2009

So, these days this is what my life is like.

Wake up. Throw on swim suit. Put on loads of sunscreen. Throw on shorts. Walk across the street. Put the pool covers on the holders (crank crank crank, push push push, crank crank crank) and then go get a Dr. Pepper and wait until 9:30 for my kids to get here for my first class. Play with preschoolers for 30 minutes. Play with two 8 year olds for 30 minutes. Play with a bunch of first graders for 30 minutes. Spend 30 minutes walking around helping other teachers. Play with a bunch of kindergarten boys for 30 minutes. Play with a bunch of 8-10 year olds for 30 minutes. Die.
Then, run home, try to eat SOMETHING before I have to run back across the street in 10 minutes. Go back, rotate rotate rotate for 8 hours, save a kid or 2, then go home, take off my swimsuit, and go to sleep.

Wakeup. Rinse. Repeat.

I see David for like, an hour a night before we go to sleep. Then, I annoy him when I wake up early to go to work. Sundays have been good lately, because he hasn’t been working so we get to spend all day together. Other than that, its pretty much me, myself, and my rockin’ tan.

The end.

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Net said...

oh, too bad I couldn't come take a class from you with my kiddos. and I could really use some help in the tan dept too.