Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cranberry Juice Anyone?

I have a UTI, which is always just a blast, and am feeling pretty crappy.
I have drank about 4 gallons of cranberry juice.
I am trying to get a scrip from my old boss so I don't have to spend 100 plus bucks on a Dr.
Because I have no insurance.
Which is stupid.
But we are poor.

Its raining.
I'm in bed.
I've been reading.
And doing Math.
I hate Math.

I love Texas rain.
In Utah, the rain seemed afraid to fall.
It would tip toe on the roof, afraid to upset the residents below.
In Texas, it stomps in its boots on the shingles.
Loud and proud to be dropping onto the roof above my head.

I don't have many friends here.
I don't go out much. (read: ever)
Mainly, I sit at home, just hanging out.
Stalking blogs.
Reading and writing.

As a result of not having to show my face in public, I didn't shower for a week.
I know, I am so freaking gross.
I did take a shower yesterday.
And plan on trying to make myself presentable to the patrons at the grocery store from now on.

Best part of Texas?
Bluebell Icecream.

I really want to feel better today.
I got my Jillian Michael's 30 day shred DVD yesterday.
I want to start it.
But I should probably feel better first.

David is working, as always.
I miss him.
He has Saturday off!
And so do I!
We are going to go on an Adventure!

I would very much like to fast forward the next year of so of life.
All it is is school and applications.
I want to be in a program, actually going somewhere.
Boo Hoo for me, right?

Thank you for all your book suggestions.
I have started a list and will take it with me next time I go to the library.
Right now I am reading: A Year in the World.
It makes me want to drop everything and start traveling.
A quote:
"One of those flash epiphanies of travel, the realization that worlds you'd love vibrantly exist outside your ignorance of them. The vitality of many lives you know nothing about. The breeze lifting a blue crtian in a doorway billows jus tthe same whether or not you are lucky enough to observe it or not. Travel gives such jolts. I could live in this town, so how is it that I've never been here before today?"

The end.


Anonymous said...

A few things...
Texas rain and Blue Bell ice cream are the best.
I would be you're friend if I were there. Honest I would.
Shower's are overrated.

Brittan said...

ugh. i just got over a uti. worst ever.

i miss texas rain so much. new york rain is the WORST.