Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So, I did a little under half of the Shred yesterday.
I am feeling it today.
I'm sore from 12ish minutes of working out.
That should just show everyone how out of shape I am.
I am going to try to do the first two whole rotations today. Thats 16ish minutes.
Tomorrow I'm going for part of the third.
And by Friday I want to do it all the way thru.
I think I might start the 30 days after I can do it all the way thru, so Friday.

I thought you guys would enjoy looking at some of the cakes I've been making these days!

I made this first one for a Cake Contest they were having at David's work. It was actually super easy. Nerds are on the top, and Fruit Loops make up the suckers at the bottom. All the tentacles are made of rice crispy treats, and the head/body is double vanilla white pudding cake. Its iced with my always popular almond/vanilla buttercream.
This cake is an Italian Creme Cake. If you don't like coconut, you won't like this cake. Its gloriously coconut. The frosting is a cream cheese frosting with coconut and pecans.
I've made a couple more cakes since we've been here, but forgot to take pictures. I didn't make one for David's Birthday (because he worked all day/he didn't seem excited when I said I was going to make him one) but I will make one for my Dad's b-day next month.

I found my weight from about a year ago (last March) and I've lost 12 pounds since then.
1. I cannot belive I was ever 12 pounds more than I am now, because I feel super fat as it is.
2. I never want to be that heavy again unless I am 9 months pregnant. Seriously.

The end.


Brittan said...

I demand recipes! Now!

Lyndsi Shae* said...

Look at them cakes!
Mmmmm. I can smell them from here.
I love you and all your talents.
Also, how about we stop talking about pregnancy and say somethin like "YEAH! You showed that 12 pounds whats up!" I like that better.

Lyndsi Shae* said...

I mean not that pregnancy is bad. I'm all about the future little dudes. I just couldn't watch a moment of potential triumph be overlooked, 'spesh a triumph weighing in at 12 pounds.

Net said...

Yes. Fatness sucks. And it's not economical either. Know what makes you feel better? Cake. :)