Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 4?

I am about to do The Shred, after I eat a little bit of food.
Anyways, I was able to do the whole thing the 2nd day, and yesterday my Dad did it with me.
Today is the first day I haven't been sore.
We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

There is a PUPPY on the TV right now.
David and I need to graduate so we can move out and get one.
I just want a little one to snuggle me.

Plans are shaping up for this weekend.
Ft. Worth.
Good times to be had by all.

My Day Zero project is coming along nicely.
I enjoy that I am saving money for each goal completed, because its makes it a game.
Even tho I earned the money in the first place, having it in a specific place makes it feel special.

I finally feel like our Budget is getting us somewhere.
There is money in our bank account and this isn't even a week David got paid!
Money was a big reason we moved back, so its nice to see it was a good choice.
We even had enough money to get David some Birthday Shoes.
He loves the so much that he almost slept with them on last night.
(I vetoed that idea)

The Olympics are coming to an end.
This is sad, but it means I might be produtive.

Also, we have Spring Break now.
I mean, we aren't doing anything.
But its kindof fun that we don't have to go to class for a week!

I'm tired.

The end.

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