Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have a 101.8 temp.
And my chest hurts.
And I'm wheezing.
And I cough up really gross stuff.

When I'm sick I want to punch David in the face for even talking to me.
I want to punch him even more when he suggests I get off the couch and do something.
I mean, I'm sick?
Isn't he supposed to wait on my hand and foot instead of the other way around?

Maybe when my mind is not addled by fever, I shall put up a photo post of the weekend.

The End.


Brittan said...

feel better boo boo

KyleeHillman said...

I'm very sorry that you're sick. I love you and hope you feel better. BUT the reason I am really writing on your blog is I just looked over at your list of friends and I didn't think that I was on there because they all say "the (married name)s". But then I saw that I am "The Hillman". And I laughed. Loudly and for a long time. That is great.
Miss you!