Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dear Lover

Four years ago I was lying awake in bed, excitement coursing through my body, waiting for my alarm to go off.  I was thinking about that day and in particular that night *wink wink*, but I was also thinking about what the future would hold.  I had no clear idea on what I wanted to accomplish or how I would support my family.  The one thing that I did know was that I loved a girl and she loved me back enough to say yes.              
Now 3 cars, 4 declared majors, 3 more undeclared majors, 0 real trips alone together, 18 different jobs, and four years later I look back at what we’ve accomplished.   We have pulled through that first year of really learning about each other and how we operated.  We have made it through that second year of moving back home and starting over with school, friendship, and our lives.  We made it through that third year of never-ending schoolwork and real work.  And, now we have made it through our fourth year, which has continued on with the never-ending schoolwork and real work.
I wish we had more time right now to devote to this most momentous of days, but sadly I don’t.  I decided that it would be a good idea to work 12 hours shifts the day before and the day of, and you decided to say yes to making multiple cakes this week.  Alas, we have yet to learn to just loving each other when we need it.
The good news is that we have approximately an undetermined amount of kids, lots of deserved new clothes and shoes, several houses, trips to EVERYWHERE with and without kids, new cars, an increased love, many adventures, and many, many more years ahead of us.
I promise to give you all of those things in the future when I’m not working everyday for forever, and a whole lot more.  I promise to make these weeks that have been amazing beyond all belief last into the eternities.  I promise to continue to know how to bug at precisely the right time.  I promise to give you everything that you could ever need or want out of life.  I promise to support and love you unconditionally forever.  I promise to be yours for as long as you will have me.
Now sadly I have to leave this letter, which is sorely lacking in all of the many reasons why I love you.  I must go and care for some sick little kids so that I can fulfill all of these promises that I have made.  I just wish that I had the time to express to you the deep and all encompassing love that I have for you.  I think that in the past couple of days I have been able to express some of that, though it may not have all been in words, because words tend to fail me.  But, I know that you understand.  I love you.
-Your husband

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