Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Very Europe Outline

After buying our tickets more than a month ago, my life has been consumed with figuring out exactly where we are going between getting to London, and leaving out of Belfast. Do we go to the mainland Europe? Do we spend a short amount of time in each city? What are our "must see" things? How much is too much in one day? Finally, today, I have figured out our itinerary of where we are going.

Sept 25 Arrive 9:35 AM London
Sept 26 London
Sept 27 London
Sept 28 London
Sept 29 London
Sept 30 Harry Potter Experience - Possibly London Broadway show that evening
Oct 1 Rent Car in AM- Stourhead Gardens/Salisbury - Late train to Lake Disctrict
Oct 2 Lake District
Oct 3 Lake District
Oct 4 Midmorning train to Glasgow
Oct 5 Glasgow Late train to Edinburgh
Oct 6 Edinburgh
Oct 7 Fly to Paris midday
Oct 8 Paris
Oct 9 Paris
Oct 10 Paris
Oct 11 Paris
Oct 12 Paris
Oct 13 Versailles
Oct 14 DisneyLand Paris
Oct 15 Fly to Dublin midday
Oct 16 Day trip somewhere? Cliffs of Moher?
Oct 17 Dublin
Oct 18 Day trip somewhere? Cork & Blarney?
Oct 19 Dublin - Afternoon train to Belfast, rent car drive to Londonderry Oct 20 Giant’s Causeway Drive, spend night in Belfast
Oct 21 Belfast
Oct 22 Depart 6:35 AM

If ya'll have been anywhere that we are going, we are open to dining and lodging and experience options! We are pretty stoked!

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