Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I was doing a work out and pooped out 20 mins in. My goal tomorrow is 30 mins. I already did 30 Day Shred this morning, this is just an extra little workout because I ate gluten today. Naughty me, and my hands are super swollen now. Worst.

Anyways, lets chat about things. What things? I don't even know. This blog is such a brain dump. Whatever.

So, I have been subbing a bit. Its fun, but its also awful. I don't know if I am a bad sub or what, but the kids are SO BAD always. Its ridiculous. I did a day in HS and NEVER AGAGIN. Kids wouldn't tell me their names, they talked back, they cussed, they wouldn't put their phones away. It was out of freaking control. Middle school is just a whole lot of SHHshing and empty threats, which is all I needed from a sub when I was in High School, even, but whatever. MS is my happy home, and I have subbed the most at Houston. I like the teachers and I like the students for the most part. Thumbs up.

Organizing is still going strong. I work weekly for 2 different people, and am thinking of starting to expand once we get back from Europe in the fall. Right now, this and subbing is getting me the $$ needed for Europe, so I will call it good. On Saturday I went to Ikea and talked with some ladies from NOPA and might attend a meeting or two and see what there is in that arena, we'll see.

David is still working like crazy. We are taking a cruise next month and it will be awesome for him to take a 5 day break just with me. I miss him so much all the time, and even when he is home he is stressed about school. He has a break that week we are going, so all talk of school will be banned and we will just soak up the sun and the good Mexican food. He is also talking 6 weeks off school in April/May and we are going to Utah and Disney World and New York during that time. Super excited for that too. Basically, the only time we get quality time together is when we aren't in Irving, so that is one the reasons we are traveling so much this year, just so we can spend time together without the stress of cleaning the apartment, or organizing the bathroom for the 100th time, or going and seeing friends or whatever.

Anyways, life is okay. This year is gonna be pretty good.

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