Saturday, January 25, 2014


Turns out I have "chronic sinusitis" which is just a fancy way of saying I've had a sinus infection for the past 6 months. I am on an antibiotic that makes me feel awful and will be for 2 weeks. In addition, I am taking like 19 pills a day right now to make me decongested and healthy. This will be greatly diminished once I am done with the antibiotics and the decongestants, and I am excited for that day. It takes me an entire glass of water to get them down AM & PM. Big pills, these ones.

I am really good at putting things off. This time was partially because I have been uninsured since September, when my Mom's insurance dropped me and we didn't get the paperwork for me to get on David's insurance in time, and I just got my coverage on Jan 1. The part where I waited 3 weeks past that is all my fault. I guess that before I got my Deviated Septum fixed a couple of years ago, I also had a massive, deep sinus infection (confirmed by an MRI), and had probably been living with it for years and years, so I am just used to the feeling of being constantly congested and not being able to breathe out of one nostril. I am just ready for this to go away and stay away. The decongestants I am on have made it so I can breathe out of both nostrils and it is awesome. But I refuse to be on decongestants for the rest of all time! That can't be good for a person.

Anyways, I leave a week from today for 3 weeks! Ahh! I will be in San Fran with a new baby cousin for 2 weeks, then fly back late on the 14th and leave early on the 15th to drive down to Galveston for our cruise! I am so very excited for 6 days with my hunky husband with which to eat food I don't have to make, lay out on the deck of a massive ship, and get some beach time in down in Mexico. I am working in Houston organizing for a couple of days after that since I will already be down there (David is flying home) and it should be a good/long three weeks!

Life is pretty good in the Allen Household. We are working, saving money, and having a weekly date night!

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