Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Alive, Awake, Alert, Enthusiastic

Okay, so I am Alive and Awake. . .working on the alert. Have a while to go till the enthusiastic.

I don't get myself a lot of the time.

Anywayyyyys. I leave on Saturday for 2 weeks! Imma miss David like crazy, especially since tonight is pretty much the last I will see of him before I leave since he works the next two days.

We have been working on the house a lot this week, because we have made the decision that we are most likely staying here until David goes to Grad school Fall of 2016. Of course, this can change, but we have decided that we are going to do stupid little semi-cheap upgrades that are going to make things we have always hated better. My cake area is pretty much done, minus granite for the top of the table, and I am gonna show ya'll some photos! Yay! Ignore the quality, they are straight off my iPhone, no editing.

For anyone who has been over to our house, this is the empty wall in the kitchen. That is the sliding door blowing out the lighting in the rest of the photo. The door between our house and my parents house is on the left (down a little hallway).

 The carts under the table are Ikea Alex carts, and they roll out, but I can access everything in them as they are. They are labeled with my handy dandy label maker with what they contain, but I pretty much know where everything is by now. The table/desk is custom made by my dad, he even matched the handle cut outs from the Alex units. In that drawer I keep my fondant gloves and a few other things - I will someday do a tour of what I have in all the drawers! Anyways, I designed the desk to have the part that is slightly elevated from the rest for my turntable. I like having the cake higher when I am covering it and when I am adding decorations, and its nice to have a place that is out of the line of fire for rolling out fondant and coloring and yada yada. I like my split space a lot! The lower space is the same height as a standard kitchen table (I am short, and this angle is a good one for me to have leverage to roll out fondant) and the taller part is standard countertop height. The blue board you see there is a lamanite covered board that my family has had for-ev-er (we used it to do puzzles) and works great for rolling out fondant. I am going to get granite or the likes for the table after the next 2 cakes I am doing (no debt for cake stuff! All of this stuff was bought with "cake money" and I just buy stuff as I can afford it!) but for now, this works great! Oh, and those are Albus's food and water bowls under the right side. I kick them if they are anywhere else and get water everywhere.

This is the newest addition, an Ikea Raskog cart. I have much admired this for a long time, and saw the other day on Pinterest that someone used it as a bookshelf and I was sold! I find it humorous that my Paleo books are right next to my cake books, but its so nice that they aren't up on the shelves where I can't really reach them anymore. Under the books are some cake rounds and my homemade cake release for pans. The bottom shelf is our Sparkling water collection. On the left of the cart is where are all my aprons and totes hang, and where David keeps his work shoes (I don't want them on the carpet, and this is by the door he comes in). Those tubes to the right of the cart are my The Mats which I love. I have the original one from when it first came out, the pro one and the mini one. My dowels for cake stabilization for tall cakes (and for rolling out sugar cookies uniformly) are in one of the tubes as well. My Dad says he is gonna build me a little 4 holed thing to hold these up so if I move the cart, they won't fall over, which will be super nice. And then I can also get a tube just for the dowels so they aren't in with the mat! 

These shelves are actually picture rails from Ikea. We installed some in our house in Utah to use as spice racks in the kitchen, and I was excited to use them in here for food coloring - I am going to make new labels for the food coloring up there with a block of the color inside and the name - the labels on these rub off with grease, and since I use crisco. . yeah, bad times. Anyways, the lower shelf is an assortment of sprinkles. I use the Sixlets as flower centers because I hate rolling fondant pearls with a passion. There are two magnetic knife racks from Ikea that hold all my various spatulas (I am missing a few. . . no idea where they went off to) and scissors and etc. You can see in this pic the little hole in the desk where I keep my airbrush compressor. Our key bowl is also in there, but that will change. Oh, I almost forgot! David painted the little blue/purple picture at camp last summer. He is the cutest. 

Just the same picture from the other side. You can see our Hangry sign, and the fact that I have lots of room for more food coloring. The ones with the black lids are airbrush ones. I have a ton more of the small americolors, but they are in a drawer. I don't ever buy the small ones anymore because I go though so much of it and its stays good forever. You can also see my little clock in this picture (on the desk). VERY important for time management/not getting my phone messed up in the middle of cakeage to figure out what time it is! 

And last but not least, the top two shelves. These and the desk and alex units have been installed for a while, but I just finally did all the picture rails and stuff. The top shelf is my collection of cake stands (most of them I made for Brittan's wedding) and my awesome yellow vintage cake/double pie carrier! It carries 2 pies and a cake at the same time! I used it a couple of years ago for Thanksgiving at a friends house. LOVE it. The bottom shelf has my most used cake pans, my monk cookie jar that says "Thou Shalt Not Steal. . .cookies!" that was my Grandma's and I will have forever, despite the fact that David hates it, and my cake dummies. I have the huge pans I don't use often and my big cake dummies elsewhere. 

So there we have it! My from-home-bakery! Seriously Awesome, and I right? haha.


Heather said...

That is a fabulous set up! I love organized spaces.

Jane Mathes said...

This all looks very organized. I'm also interested in how to organize the tips for cake decorating. In containers? Drawers? By numbers?