Friday, October 24, 2014

Its a hard knocked life

Just kidding. My life is awesome.

I am sitting IN. MY. HOUSE. typing this! CRAZY TOWN. We are 80% moved in, 50% unpacked, and the house is maybe 75% done? Haha. Our bedroom and the living room have the trim and stuff done - all that is needed is paint touchup and curtains. I am working on the second bedroom and the hallway tonight finishing trim and then next week I will paint the second bedroom (I think I have settled on a color? maybe?). I am excited to finish the trim everywhere so I can move the saw out of the 3rd bedroom and turn it into my cake room - right now my cake table is in the living room holding up the computer I am typing this on. It . . . doesn't fit in here. At all.  But we also don't have a desk right now (I hated the one we had so we left it at my parents) so we are using what we have! 

Unpacking is the worst - especially because two of the closets don't have shelves/hanging rods and the third closet doesn't have the floor finished and the fourth closet is full of construction crap. I gotta finish all that stuff this week so we can get our stuff all the way out of my parents house so that I can deep clean it! Baaaah. And then I need to do some kind of job until the end of the year so we can like, afford food and stuff. HOUSES ARE EXPENSIVE. 


Maybe someday I will put up some pictures. Until then, please view my instagram feed. 

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