Monday, March 16, 2015

The one about my husband turning 28

So, this is really late (almost a month) but here is my annual birthday letter to my favorite man-human in the world. 

Dear Husband, 

I just went thru all of our pictures on the laptop and picked out my favorites of you and you and me and now I am going to tell you why I love them/you. 

You, in London, writing down what we spent on breakfast.

I love that you try to be a good spender of our money - you make budgets and projections, you think about our future, you plan for rainy days. I love that you have become so incredibly good with money that I don't even have to look at our bank account anymore! You have come a long, long way from the boy who I almost didn't marry because he couldn't save $1000. 

Us, on the London Metro.
 I love that you and I get annoyed at the same things. Mostly, stupid people. I love people watching with you - sitting next to you and making snide remarks under our breath or just exchanging a glance and there is no doubt in our minds that we are thinking the exact same thing.

A rare picture of us kissing.
 I love that you kiss me anytime I want. I also love that you know that I don't want to make out in public - I just want a nice kiss to remind me of what your lips feel like on mine (which, BTW, is pretty good). Remember how I taught you how to kiss in High School? Yeah, you learned well.

On the way to HP Studios outside London!
 I love that when you get annoyed with my excessive selfie-game, you make this face. You make it a lot. I don't even care, because I think it is adorable. You are gonna be such a grumpy old man. I can't wait.

Magic is Might Statue.
 I love that you are fair. You want us to be equal partners and you strive to correct yourself when you are having me do an unfair share of housework/cooking/whatever. You are so incredibly good at taking my criticism and turning it into something positive in our relationship. I appreciate that more than you know - the fact that you listen to me and take action on things that I am not happy with. I try to do this as well. I think it is one of the reasons we have such a good marriage.

At WDW with our Haws Kidlets.
 I love that you love our Haws kids. It makes me glad that we have them in our lives, but it makes me so happy when you get excited to see them, or want to plan trips around baptism dates, or when you see something in the store or online and say "Hey, I bet Nate would like that!" I just love that we have created a bond with these little people who love you so much they talk about you even when we live thousands of miles away.
AK safari on a rainy day means ALL THE ANIMALS!
The fact that anytime there is a chance of seeing an animal, you want to do it, makes me happy. I can't wait to take you to the drive-thru zoo in Glenrose and watch you flip your lid at all the animals that come up to our car. I love your unbridled enthusiasm for things -the fact that you aren't afraid that I am going to make fun of you for being excited or for acting like a little boy about things you like. I love your nerdy self, and that you love mine. 

The Smithsonian
I just like this picture because of where your hand is - I like it when you touch me. I like it when you put your hand on my neck or on my waist. I know that is silly, but it just shows me you love me and the more you show me, the better.

I think this is at DFW? 
I love how cold you get. It is really cute, even though I know you hate it. You wear earmuffs and your HP scarf and I just want to hug you real tight. I love it when we are going to bed together (which happens like, once a week these days) when it is cold and you just pull me against you and steal all my heat. It annoys me when you put your freezing cold hands on my warm skin, but I secretly hope you never stop.

Georgetown has Cannons! We had to take a pic orbs.

 I love that you can take what we have and make the absolute best of it - you can roll with the punches and change on a dime when we are traveling and I am SO glad that is true.  I feel like I could never have a better travel buddy than you. As hard as last year was on our schedule, I loved seeing someplace new with you almost every month. I loved the plane rides spent shoulder to shoulder, the new foods, missing our mattress, last minute shows, and everything in between during our trips. I love that you know how important travel is to me - and how much a part of our lives we have been able to make and it and how much we plan on it being part of our future! 

Spoonfuls of peanut butter
I just love this picture that you tried to prevent me from taking. 1. Hogwarts Shirt. 2. Giant spoonful of Peanut Butter 3. Adorable half-ashamed smile. I just like you, okay?

Space Mountain is for the cool kids.
I love that you will take pictures like this with me. And that you will go to WDW with me and enjoy it as much as me. And that my calves look awesome in this picture.

Meeting your hero, Aladdin.
 I love how you geek out when you are happy. Look at the pure joy on your face here. If I could figure out a way to make you look like this more often, I would. It is my favorite kind of David. I am so excited for our year of Disney and how much fun we are going to have going to the parks and experiencing them during different times of the year!

Space Ranger Spin
I love how you think you will beat me at any shooting game and you never do. Except that one time on Toy Story Mania, but I demand a rematch next year. DEMAND IT. I also love that you are a good sport about it. 

DL Paris. 
 I love that you love food. I love going out to eat with you and trying new things. I love that we can critique food. I love that we have a similar taste in food so we can share and try things together. I also love that even though you have a lot of foods you don't LOVE, you will try almost anything once. We learned in Paris that you love Escargot. You like foods you don't think you will and you will eat anything I cook at least once - but you are also honest if you don't like something which is awesome because if you don't like it... why would I make it?!
Lastly, I love your obsessive behavior. You are very particular about things - how the bedroom is when you go to sleep, where all your stuff is, how things are done. Sometimes, it drives me insane, bust mostly I love that you know what you want. Because it means that if you are still with me, it is because you want to be with me. You don't do things you don't want to do, and you overuse the things you like. And from the amount of time we spend together when we aren't working (read: any and all), I am gonna go ahead and say you like me. 

Husband, please keep being you. Because I don't want to be with anyone else.


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